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  • How to Get Ripped Off when You Shop!

    How to Get Ripped Off when You Shop!

    If you are interested in scams, then you'll love the little experiment that Target Stores recently pulled on customers. I say "experiment" since Target—when it was caught—denied that it meant to make this trick a recurring one with its customers.

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  • A Zero Percent Credit Card Trick!

    A Zero Percent Credit Card Trick!

    Let's talk about credit cards. More specifically, let's talk about credit cards that offer you a 0% interest rate!

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  • Under 30? Got Health Insurance Yet?

    Under 30? Got Health Insurance Yet?

    Even if you are the healthiest young person in the world, the law now requires that you must have "minimum essential" health insurance coverage.

    Deadline approaching: You have to be enrolled in an approved insurance plan by March 31, 2014. If you don't have coverage, and don't have the right excuse for not having that coverage, you will have to pay a tax penalty.

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  • Credit Card Problems!

    Credit Card Problems!

    Vinnie is a producer for one of the national television news shows. He partied hard on his five free credit cards when he was in college ten years ago.

    How bad can it get?

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  • Arbitration Overload

    Arbitration Overload

    About a year ago, I watched a Dateline NBC undercover camera crew film a friend of mine as she was ripped off buying her first car.

    Would that ruin your day?

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  • What to Know about Disaster Scams

    What to Know about Disaster Scams

    Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, forest fires, and tornadoes happen all around us. Unfortunately, this is a prime opportunity for scammers, as they tend to follow every disaster, looking for opportunities to take advantage of those impacted by the disaster, or those willing to help those impacted.

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