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  • Become a FoolProof Skeptic, and Do it Right.

    Become a FoolProof Skeptic, and Do it Right.

    Make money, spend money: Gifts, groceries, housing, transportation, utilities, health, entertainment, and more. If you know the cycle of your life, you know this is the reality. And you probably aren't going to change that reality. But if you spend money wisely, the cycle will be a lot easier to manage, and even more fun, too.

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  • FoolProof Top 10 Scams

    FoolProof Top 10 Scams

    You're pretty "foolproof," right? You don't fall for those obvious scams that make you look and feel like a fool, do you?

    Let's take a look at the list. Have you ever fallen for one of these?

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  • Spring Break!

    Spring Break!

    It's that time of the year again... Spring break, baby!

    How about Florida this year? Or Mexico?

    Great stuff! But how are you going to pay for all this?

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  • Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

    Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

    Check out this "urban legend"!

    There's a rumor going around that there is a shipment of bananas out there that is contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria!

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  • Burning Money

    Burning Money

    Would you burn a hundred dollar bill right now? Do you know anyone that would?!

    You may be burning that much money, or more...

    Here's how: ...

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  • Didn't Make It to Your Dream Private University?

    Didn't Make It to Your Dream Private University?

    More and more research shows that even the brightest students get as good or possibly a better college experience in a two year (community) college or four-year state university ...

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