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  • Peer Pressure? Choose Yourself!

    Peer Pressure? Choose Yourself!

    We often associate peer pressure with grade school and being a teenager. However, as we get older peer pressure doesn't go away. It evolves, often becoming more subtle and costly.

    But remember: It is you who has to live with your decisions. While they will affect others they will affect you first and foremost.

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  • The App Trap: How it Adds Up

    The App Trap: How it Adds Up

    Apps may seem harmless and helpful, but you may not realize how app collecting can really start to dent your wallet you if you aren't careful.

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  • The Sony PlayStation/Netflix Theft

    The Sony PlayStation/Netflix Theft

    What happened: Detailed information of about 77 million people has been stolen from Sony. Consumer groups are calling this one of the largest—and most serious—data security thefts in history.

    Are you at risk?

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  • Banking & You

    Banking & You

    Are you in high school or college? If so, which financial services are you using, if any? Do you have a checking account or savings account? Debit card or a credit card? Do you even know the difference?

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