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  • Young People and Taxes!

    Young People and Taxes!

    Regardless of what job or career you may have during your life and what country you may live in—the U.S. or abroad—you're going to be paying taxes. In most situations, you may already be paying taxes.

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  • Financial Planning

    Financial Planning

    In basic terms, personal financial planning is deciding how to use your financial resources to reach specific goals.

    Common goals for students in high school, for example, include purchasing a car, computer or stereo system...

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  • Weird But True Budgeting Tips

    Weird But True Budgeting Tips

    Colleges and graduate schools can be backbreaking when it comes to money. Why not get creative with ways to save more money and lessen that backbreaking load?

    Budgeting doesn't have to be boring, be creative!

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  • Check Cashing-Services?

    Check Cashing-Services?

    Do you know anybody who uses check cashing services or someone that buys money orders to pay bills?

    Do them a huge favor...

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