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  • Charitable Giving

    Charitable Giving

    Why it may be good for you to do (and how to do it safely).

    Did you know that helping other people is actually good for you? Charitable people are usually happier than uncharitable people, and that's a scientific fact.*

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  • From Guacamole to Gas: Really Useful Websites

    From Guacamole to Gas: Really Useful Websites

    I often browse financial and consumer-related websites and have found that by clicking through these websites (and the additional info links that they offer), one comes across a lot of useful and/or fun websites. (A lot of silly/useless/ridiculous ones, too, but let's not waste time on those!)

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  • Credit Card Phishing

    Credit Card Phishing

    You're sitting around when you get a call from someone who says they are with your credit card company's fraud department. There's been "suspicious" activity on your account.

    Because you are very smart, you know scam artists make calls like this and start questioning the caller.

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  • Using Credit Cards

    Using Credit Cards

    In today's marketplace, a credit card can seem a necessity as well as a convenience.

    Some transactions such as shopping online or renting a car require one.

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