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  • How to Train Your Brain and Get Things Done

    How to Train Your Brain and Get Things Done

    Let's start with a little bit of fantasy: imagine that your brain is a big company. We'll call it the McBrain Company. McBrain workers come in all types and do their individual best to fulfil their different tasks. As the proud president of this tremendous company, you are responsible for everything concerning your employees, especially their well-being. It's a huge responsibility, but you do it every day!

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  • Freedom!


    Question: When you were younger, did you look forward to having more independence and freedom when you got older?

    Second question: Now that you're older and on your own more, do you still like the idea of a lot of freedom?

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  • Craig Barnes

    Craig Barnes

    Hi, I'm Craig Barnes, a University of Cape Town graduate. Working together with the FoolProof team, I'm trying to help people my age become more consumer savvy and prevent us from becoming the targets of commercial scams.

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  • There's No Place To Hide!

    There's No Place To Hide!

    Sure, you're behind on some bills, but nobody deserves to be treated like this...

    Badgering phone calls and threats, insults and outright lies—these are just a few of the unfair and illegal tactics that some debt collectors unleash on consumers.

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