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  • Protect Yourself From These Scams

    Protect Yourself From These Scams

    From Scam Emails, Letters and Phone Calls

    Remember scam emails? They would offer you a big commission if you let a total stranger in a foreign country deposit ten million dollars in your bank account for a few weeks! Or, they told you that you won the lottery and they'd like to deposit a big check into your account, and all you have to do is wire back the taxes!

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  • Emily Driscoll

    Emily Driscoll

    Emily Driscoll holds a double Bachelors degree in French and journalism from Miami University in Oxford, OH. After interning for the Fox News Channel Washington D.C. bureau as a senior in college and working for a private investment and banking group at Merrill Lynch after graduation, Emily began writing for the personal finance and small business sections on FoxBusiness.com.

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  • The Internet To Research College Options

    The Internet To Research College Options

    Higher education, or education after high school, covers more than college. It includes technical/vocational training, military training, and other types of career training. The Internet can help you explore these various options.

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  • FaceBook & MySpace... Wicked!

    FaceBook & MySpace... Wicked!

    Social networking sites are great places to keep in contact with friends, develop relationships and meet new people in interesting places.

    But, there's a huge downside to these sites, also.

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