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  • A Radical Shift in Advertising That Targets You

    A Radical Shift in Advertising That Targets You

    "Native Advertising"—disguising a one-sided sales pitch to look like valuable information—has been around for decades.

    Though advertisers may deny it, the hidden purpose of native advertising has always been pretty clear to FoolProof and many other consumer advocates: to trick you into accepting potentially faulty information as truthful information.

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  • 5 Cards & Free Goodies

    5 Cards & Free Goodies

    How many "free" credit cards do you have right now? How many times has somebody on campus or in your mail tried to push a "free" credit card on you?

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  • Parachute Required

    Parachute Required

    What is insurance, why do we at times need it, and how do we find the best insurance at the lowest cost?

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  • Using Credit Cards

    Using Credit Cards

    In today's marketplace, a credit card can seem a necessity as well as a convenience.

    Some transactions such as shopping online or renting a car require one.

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