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  • Getting Your Paycheck Deposited on a (Debit) Card

    Getting Your Paycheck Deposited on a (Debit) Card

    Have you ever heard of payroll cards? Payroll cards are a lot like debit cards—you can use them to pay for items in shops or online, or to withdraw money from your account.

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  • Options: Finding Financial Aid

    Options: Finding Financial Aid

    Begin your search by filling out the scholarship and financial aid applications for any school you apply to.

    Financial Aid offices are very knowledgeable, and a major purpose of most is to work with prospective students to put together a financial aid package that will enable an academically qualified student to attend their institution.

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  • Search Engines: Information Galore

    Search Engines: Information Galore

    You're trying to find information on the Internet, so you head to a search engine like Google or Ask.com and type in your keywords, right? Nothing to worry about.

    Think again.

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  • Ready for College?

    Ready for College?

    Know a big reason students drop out of college? Money issues. That's why thinking about a college budget right now, before you hit the campus, is a very smart thing to do.

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