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  • What's the Gimmick at Rent-to-Own Stores?

    What's the Gimmick at Rent-to-Own Stores?

    Have you ever seen a Rent-to-Own ad or commercial? If you haven't, here's an example: "No Credit Check! Rent-to-Own a 50-inch TV for $10 a Week!"

    How can you go wrong with that? Just make low monthly rental payments and you can end up owning that mega screen TV, right? Most of these stores even let you bring the item back at any time if you decide you don't want it.

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  • Cell Phone Viruses

    Cell Phone Viruses

    Cell phones are "hot" these days. We all know that!

    Who doesn't want a phone with the option to take pictures, send movies to one another, and connect to the Internet to check e-mail? Phones are getting smarter and more beautiful every day. The sky is the limit!

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  • Rip Up Your Driver's License!

    Rip Up Your Driver's License!

    Okay, right now, rip up your license. And while you're at it, why don't you also lock yourself in your parents' house for about five years.

    Sounds like fun, ey?

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  • Wanna Make A Bet?

    Wanna Make A Bet?

    I'm betting you know what credit is: an arrangement for you to pay for something at a later date. "Okay, gimme the car today, and I'll pay you later."

    But do you know what your credit score is? Okay, have you even heard of a credit score? More importantly, do you know how important that credit score is to the rest of your life?

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