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  • How to Keep That Vacation Feeling Forever!

    How to Keep That Vacation Feeling Forever!

    Yes! Finally! After months of deadlines and a long list of tasks, stress and maybe even some sleepless nights, your vacation finally starts and you're FREE! But, how do you hold onto that great feeling and keep the positive vibes alive when you get back to your job or your studies?

    Try these seven tips to keep the vacation feeling alive when you return to the real world.

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  • Take This Bet!

    Take This Bet!

    Life is full of risk. We take chances all the time. It's a part of life! We gamble when we start our own business, or when we decide to walk to school or drive a car.

    But get this: A lot of high school and college-age kids really gamble; online poker, 1-900 betting numbers and lotteries—you name it.

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  • Gadget Hacking

    Gadget Hacking

    Got a smartphone? An iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or even an Android? If so, be warned.

    More and more users of smart gadgets are getting hacked while surfing the Web or using an app that connects to the Internet.

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  • How Your Credit Can Cost You $100K...

    How Your Credit Can Cost You $100K...

    Mack talked fondly about his work as an emergency room doctor. He lived in a beautiful house just two blocks from the ocean. He appeared to be successful in life at an early age.

    Then one evening, while we sat on his balcony after a surf session, he asked me about my work as a financial literacy advisor. He said, "I have an interesting story for you—one that I am a little ashamed of, and don't tell many people."

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