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Free Calls! Anytime... Anywhere!

By Will from Holland

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There's a lot of stories around saying VoIP is not very safe to use, because people can easily listen in to your conversation, or worse, put in words without the sender ever knowing about it.

There's a general warning for companies which says they should be cautious talking about sensitive matter or data. For consumers VoIP is relatively safe. Skype for instance, uses encryption (converting your voice into a secret code) while converting the voice data, which makes it pretty impossible for hackers to get into or change your conversation. Just in case, however, I play it safe by not discussing passwords or financial data over VoIP just I would not put them in an e-mail.

The big picture.

Experts say that 2005 was the year Internet calls hit the mainstream. About 2.7 million consumers in the United States now use Internet telephony. By 2008 that number will rise to 16 million, according to market-research firm Frost and Sullivan, as broadband connections grow (Newsweek).

When you look at the big picture so far, the biggest advantage of VoIP is the cost. VoIP can be so cheap, because it takes less time and size to send voice data over a network, compared to sending the same normal conversation over a network.

Saving huge amounts on your phone bill using VoIP is not-exceptional. My phone bill dropped with $200 dollars a month, but it would already be worth it, if yours dropped even $50 a month, wouldn't it?

After reading all this, I think it's about time to save you money. Visit Skype, Vonage or one of the other VoIP companies mentioned below. Read their information carefully; pick whichever service is best for you and start saving the big bucks now.

Good luck.

Ciao, Will

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