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  • Are Payment Apps Safe?

    Are Payment Apps Safe?

    For many people, "contactless" payments and payment (or money transfer) apps are the trend and the convenient way to go. With this type of technology, sending and receiving money has never been easier, quicker or more convenient. But is it safe?

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  • Income Tax Facts

    Income Tax Facts

    Do you have a job? Are you earning money by babysitting, mowing yards, or doing something else (this is called self-employment)? If so, then you need to understand taxes.

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  • Deductions In My Paycheck

    Deductions In My Paycheck

    Congratulations! You just got your first paycheck!

    But what are all these deductions?

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  • Pay Me While I Sleep!

    Pay Me While I Sleep!

    The secrets of earning money while you sleep.

    The plan we're going to discuss with you in comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. You can be an investor and make money while you sleep.

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