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  • What to Know about Disaster Scams
    What to Know about Disaster Scams

    Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, forest fires, and tornadoes happen all around us. Unfortunately, this is a prime opportunity for scammers, as they tend to follow every disaster, looking for opportunities to take advantage of those impacted by the disaster, or those willing to help those impacted.

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  • FoolProof Top 10 Scams
    FoolProof Top 10 Scams

    You're pretty "foolproof," right? You don't fall for those obvious scams that make you look and feel like a fool, do you?

    Let's take a look at the list. Have you ever fallen for one of these?

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  • Protect Yourself From These Scams
    Protect Yourself From These Scams

    From Scam Emails, Letters and Phone Calls

    Remember scam emails? They would offer you a big commission if you let a total stranger in a foreign country deposit ten million dollars in your bank account for a few weeks! Or, they told you that you won the lottery and they'd like to deposit a big check into your account, and all you have to do is wire back the taxes!

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  • Traveling This Summer?
    Traveling This Summer?

    If you're about to take a trip, beware! There are travel scams aplenty. If you don't think first, there's a good chance you'll be an unwitting victim. Here's an overview of a bunch of "popular" travel scams.

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  • The Crowdfunding Phenomena
    The Crowdfunding Phenomena

    What is crowdfunding? And what does it have to do with you? Perhaps nothing, or perhaps just not yet, but we think it's important enough for you to know about.

    Though crowdfunding is regulated by the government, there are a couple of dangers you need to be aware of.

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