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  • Legal And On Camera:
    Legal And On Camera:

    "I'm going to treat you just like my daughter," the sales manager at a Ford dealership in Charlotte, NC, said to the hidden camera the first day we filmed. The camera was in a button.

    He was talking to a friend of mine.

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  • FoolProof's Car Buying Guide
    FoolProof's Car Buying Guide

    The good news: there's nothing better than getting your first vehicle! Everybody remembers that moment.

    The really scary news...

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  • The Driving Cost Of Your Car
    The Driving Cost Of Your Car

    Owning and operating a car costs more than the vehicle's purchase price and financing costs. If you already own a vehicle, you know that.

    If you are ready to buy a vehicle, you need to take these costs into account as you shop for the vehicle that's right for you.

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  • Insurance Tips
    Insurance Tips

    For college student drivers one of the most expensive costs of driving a car or truck is auto insurance. This is true whether you drive a car owned by your parents and insured under their policy or own and insure your own vehicle.

    Why are insurance rates so much higher for younger people?

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  • Maintain Your Beauty!
    Maintain Your Beauty!

    Whether your wheels are brand-new, a used vehicle new to you, or a ten-year-old family hand-me-down, maintaining your vehicle properly can keep it running trouble-free and looking good.

    Taking a few minutes and a few dollars to treat your ride right can save you lots of money.

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