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The Team

How to Build Strong Passwords

I'm Niels, FoolProof's VP of Techie Stuff. We've told you in other reports about creating passwords, but as the geek in FoolProof, I wanted to give you a smart way to build a really good password.

First up, let's talk about how hackers work. Knowing this helps you see why you have to be careful with passwords.

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What's Up?!

If you're like us, one thing you hate is looking like a fool—to either your friends or any adults. And although you may not know it yet, lots of adults and businesses make fools of people our age. A lot of businesses even make a lot of money making fools of us.

CUHQ gives you a heads-up on the real world as you head to college or a job.

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Income Tax Facts

Do you have a job? Are you earning money by babysitting, mowing yards, or doing something else (this is called self-employment)? If so, then you need to understand taxes.

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