Downloads! Free and Legal Programs...

By The FoolProof team

Algemeen Dagblad, a newspaper in the Netherlands, gave us permission to use their online article as a source to write this article about downloading. Will from Holland did the translating, rewriting and editing.

Free downloadable programs can be quite useful. In the next paragraphs you will find a small selection of software downloadable from the Web. Before downloading any of these programs, make sure that your computer meets the requirements, such as operating system version. In most cases the download-link will immediately re-direct you to the programs.


A lot of programs you download from the Internet are made smaller by using a .ZIP file. To make these files readable and usable on your computer, you'll need to unwrap them with a special program. WinZip is the most commonly used program. The program is shareware, which means the user can try the program for free (download evaluation version). If you decide to keep using the program after a certain amount of time, you'll eventually have to pay for the program.

Download (1,25Mb)


Easy Zip

This is a free downloadable program with almost all the functions WinZip has got. The programs unwraps .Zip, .RAR, .ARJ and a couple of other compression standards.

Download (1,7Mb)


Temp Free

This program will empty your Windows Temporary Files Folder. Quite handy, as the temporary files folder contains a lot of useless files you accidentally downloaded from the web, or are placed there by the websites you visited.

Download (165Kb)

[… …/File_Cleanup_Utilities/TempFree.html]

Microsoft Regclean

Empties and cleans the Windows Registry which makes your computer operate faster.

Download (781Kb)



This shareware program has got a lot of different cleaning utilities. The program will remove broken links from your computer, it empties the Temporary Files Folder, cleans out the Registry and so on. After downloading the user can use WashAndGo for free for 30 days. This program can be downloaded in several different languages.

Download (1,7Mb)


End It All

A useful program which gives you the opportunity to close down all the programs running in the background at once. Programs you want to keep running can be easily assigned in the program.

Download (745Kb)


A website to Check Files

Which files can be removed from the Windows Start Menu and MSConfig, and which can't? The Pacs-Portal is not a site where you can download programs. It's a site where you can check on descriptions of files and programs on your computer. What files are used for what, what do they do and should or shouldn't the user delete the files. It also gives you a lot of general information about your computer and how it works. Scroll down the site and look at the "News," "Startup Tips" or "Other Tips" buttons and discover.



Tweak UI

With this program, the user can adapt (hidden) settings of Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000. It also lets you adjust your Windows user interface, including Menu Speed, Window Animation, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Download (830Kb)



This is a free program which allows you to look at pictures and start a slideshow. The program supports .JPG, .GIF and a lot of other picture files.

Download (629Kb)


Zone Alarm Firewall

Free and really useful program which protects the users computer against hackers when the Internet connection is up and running. Also available in several paid versions, which provides more utilities and options.

Download (2,8Mb)

[… …/products/sku_list_za.jsp?lid=home_zainfo]


This program removes spyware which is hidden in some free downloadable software.

Download (862Kb)