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By Will from Holland

Legally And (Sometimes) Free...

How many times have you visited a website that offered "free" music, only to find out there's a fee after all? And if they don't charge you, the downloads turn out to be illegal.

Stop this nonsense and let's download legal music, for free.
But first, a caution: Even many of the legal music sites don't meet our standards when it comes to your privacy rights, and they may not have enough controls in place to make sure the music you download is indeed legal. For instance, the site may have a privacy policy, but that policy may be hard to find, and may not protect your personal information adequately. Or the site may not check copyrights on music that is uploaded, and may rely on the musicians who are uploading the music to certify that they have permission to offer the music for free. They may not.

What's the message? Check out a site carefully before you download from it, and read this article thoroughly before continuing to any third-party website.

One promise: all the companies in this article, except for FoolProof will collect private information on you, and might share it with their affiliates.

In this article we review three types of music services:

  1. "Free" Download Sites
  2. "Free" Music Streams and Paid download Sites
  3. Paid Download and Streams Sites

Now that we've got that straight, let's get this baby started.

1) "Free" Download Sites
At PureVolume, bands upload their own music, and therefore you can download it for free. Unknown bands as well as established ones give you permission to download the music. PureVolume is one of the few websites left out there that really offers you free music file downloads. They also offer free streams. There's no need to register to access most music. However, some sections do require registration. For instance, you must register to add your favorite music to your profile so you can easily access it again. PureVolume offers you access to almost 200,000 free downloadable songs and focuses mostly on the rock, indie and alternative music.

The music at PureVolume is free, indeed. But this service has some disadvantages too:

  1. User Responsibility
    PureVolume waives any responsibilities for violations of copyright laws, placing that responsibility on the parties uploading music files for sharing. If there's an illegal file on their website, and you download it, you are liable for any claims from musicians, the government or any other third parties.
  2. No Privacy Policy
    They do have a sort of privacy policy, but it's hard (almost impossible) to find. PureVolume gathers your private information, and claims the right of sharing any of this.

    Cookies - If you register for easier use of the PureVolume website, they will try to install cookies and web bugs on your computer, which have the capability to watch your every move. They store your private information, and gather information on you as you visit their (or their affiliates') sites.

Our recommendation concerning PureVolume is to be very, very careful. Most content looks like it's trustworthy, but you can never be careful enough. Report all illegal music files to PureVolume to avoid getting in trouble-like getting fined or even sued.

Also be careful regarding their privacy policy, and guard your private information. They will share your information, but you don't have to give it out to be able to listen to and download music. Our recommendation: don't give them any. Make sure you disable the cookies function in your Web browser and set your privacy settings to 'high' to avoid them spying on you. (Whether you use this music service or not, taking these steps is a great idea for all your Web surfing!).


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