By Will from Holland

Internships can change your life! Every one of the young people involved in FoolProof—including me—started out as an intern. So, why not read all our stories in the "About" section before heading into the sections here?

What is an internship?
It is a position that provides supervised practical training in a particular career or academic subject. It can be paid or unpaid and full-time or part-time.

Who offers internships?
Any company, business, government agency, organization or group can offer internships.

Why take an internship?
An internship can help you:

  • see if a particular career is right for you
  • be a stepping stone to employment after you graduate
  • gain experience
  • enhance your skills

How long does an internship last?
Depending on the type of internship, the duration can be just a few days, a few weeks, a couple of months, a quarter or semester, or several years. Internships may take place during the school year, during school breaks, or in the summer.

How do I find an internship?
If you are in high school, talk to your guidance or career counselor. If you're attending college, check out the career center. If you have a particular company or organization in mind, ask them if they offer internships.

What Internet resources exist for finding internships?
There are many sites that list internships. Some are better than others. Watch out for those sites that are primarily trying to sell you something. Here are two that provide interesting internships.