Fabian Davis

Hello out there!!

My name is Fabian Davis. I am 23 years old and I was born and raised in Jamaica. My family and I left the island in 1999, when I was fourteen years old. We moved to Denmark where my big sister had been living for some time. Yeah!!

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At first Denmark was really cold and I have to admit I still fight my battle with the cold winters.

I miss Jamaican seafood and jerk chicken so badly... and don't even start me talking about how much I miss my friends and relatives back home.

But apart from the cold, I love it here in Denmark. Living in Denmark is a totally different experience compared to living in the Caribbean.

In Denmark, almost everything you eat you have to get at the supermarket. It was so weird for me to buy apples and bananas in a Danish store. In Jamaica I would just go into my backyard and grab one or two straight from a tree.

One of the best things about Denmark was school, believe it or not. I know, that sounds crazy!

But get this:
In Danish schools I could wear anything I wanted and a school bus would actually come and pick me up from home! In Jamaica, I had to walk miles to get to school!

But apart from walking miles to school I am still the luckiest man in the world. You want to know why?

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