Craig Barnes

Hi, I'm Craig Barnes, a 24 year old University of Cape Town graduate. Working together with the CUHQ team, I'm trying to help people my age become more consumer savvy and prevent us from becoming the targets of commercial scams.

What is my story? Well, two of my greatest passions in life are traveling and the ocean. After graduating from high school, the need to earn money and to explore led me to the Mediterranean Sea where I worked as a crew member on board a 165 foot motor yacht. Over the next two years, I worked on another two similar boats, and traveled around the calm, cultured waters of the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic to the rustic Caribbean and finally up north, into the extremely diverse waters of the United States.

Two years was a long enough break from school for me, and highly motivated, I enrolled for my undergraduate education at the University of Cape Town. But during one of my 3 month-long summer breaks, the need for money once again encouraged me to work, this time on a sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands.

One day while surfing a particularly good point break, this friendly Dutch kid paddled straight up to me and we got talking about surfing and life in general. The guy was Will from Holland, another spokesperson for this website. We stayed in contact and Will is nowadays one of my closest friends.

Now, almost two years later, I am a member of the CUHQ team. As a monthly columnist, I'll be writing about the issues that impact young people. Travel has taught me that all young people have a lot in common. We party the same, worry about the same things, don't like to be taken advantage of, and don't like to be talked down to.

We hope this website will be a place where we can all interact, have some fun, and get smarter.

I really hope you'll come along on this journey with us!

Ciao, Craig