Taking College Prep Test

By The FoolProof Team

Online Resources

Part of preparing for college is taking the SAT or ACT, or sometimes both. These tests assess your verbal and math skills. Some preparation for these tests is usually recommended such as taking sample tests. Preparation doesn't have to be expensive.

First, check out the resources from the test provider
Each test's website has a free sample test and other prep materials. The test companies also offer additional materials for a fee. Each site provides information about the tests, including test dates, test locations and fees. Online registration for the tests is also provided.

Second, consider using free services
In addition to the test company sites, there are independent sites that offer free prep exercises or services. Some of these sites may also offer fee-based services. These three had particularly useful sections.

  • Number2.com offers free test prep for the ACT, SAT, and GRE. It also offers a vocabulary builder. Registration is required.
  • TakeSAT.com has free sections to help you improve your verbal and math skills and your vocabulary. These sections contain numerous tests for each SAT section. Membership to the site is $15 for 60 days and provides access to explanations of mini-test questions (total of 500), a full-length test, and a questions of the day with answer and explanation. You can take the test twice.
  • Vocabulary University has free vocabulary puzzles. It has three levels of puzzles, high elementary, junior high-middle school, high school- college prep. There are also some specific puzzles for the SAT. Puzzles include fill-in-the-blanks, definition matching, synonym and antonym encounter, word find, crosswords, and true or false.

Fee-based services
Many sites online offer test preparation usually for a fee. The fees can range from a few dollars to hundreds. FoolProof recommends that you check out the free or low-cost services listed above before evaluating whether any of the fee-based services might meet additional needs.