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The Saga Continues...

By Will from Holland

You know somebody who's been scammed on Facebook or MySpace, don't you?

Chances are they didn't even see it coming!

So if you don't see a scam coming on a site you live on—and feel safe at—guess what can happen if you walk about areas on the Internet you don't know at all?

A lot can happen if you don't know about these common scams. Here are five that make up the majority of all scams against young people on the Internet, and even on your social network. So you better listen up.

Scam Me!

  • Phishing & Pharming Scams - Scammers fish for your financial information with scams based on sending millions of emails.
  • Nigerian Scams - A stranger wants to give you $10 million. Then asks you to wire back money....
  • Charity Scams - How do you know if your money ends up at the right address? How do you even know if it's a real "charity?"
  • Ringtone Scams - You've seen the online "free" ringtone ads, right? Some of the "free" tones come with $50 monthly subscriptions that are hard to get rid.
  • Regular & Hot Spot ID-Theft Scams - Scammers can steal your personal and bank info from a quarter mile away if your computer isn't protected for hotspot surfing.

Only fools ignore this information and continue to go online without paying attention. If you want to savvy-up yourself: Check out all the above scam articles on our website.

A lot of people want you to look like a fool. You are the only person who can prove you're nobody's fool, and you do that with a little knowledge.

Cheers, Will.