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Rip Up Your Driver's License!

By Will from Holland

Okay, right now, rip up your license. And while you're at it, why don't you also lock yourself in your parents' house for about five years.

Sounds like fun, ey?

Mess up a checking account, and two things as bad as that can happen. Or worse!

Trouble is, the thought of learning about a checking account sounds like as much fun as eating wasps.

So what? You may not know it yet, but a checking account is one of the most powerful tools you will ever have to help you gain your independence—or allow you to ruin your life (your choice).

Here's how you learn on your own: Take a road trip with Renier and me. Renier's another Dutchy like me, and his surf and camping adventure across Europe last summer wasn't bad—until the checking account stuff started happening.

Hey, do you like horror movies? Well, Renier's "Road Trip" has a lot of horror moments, all wrapped around checking accounts.

Here's what to do now: Take the road trip yourself.

Head to FoolProof Solo right now.

  • Head to your credit union's FoolProof page.
  • Click on "FoolProof Solo" & watch the videos.
  • Then sign up for "Solo."
  • And then head to FoolProof's Module 4, conveniently called... "Road Trip."

Take this trip, and then check out "Junk in the Trunk!" You might find some junk can actually be valuable...

Cheers, Will.