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Job Scams!

By Will from Holland

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The economy is bad. People are losing jobs and are out of money... sound familiar?

So, let's say you're looking for a job. Here's something you have to think about: being scammed in the job hunt....

Job scams are happening to young people around the country more and more, whether they're moving out, or moving back in with their parents.

Here are three things to watch out for:

  1. Pay First Scams.
    Mostly unemployed people seeking jobs get scammed by this. You're guaranteed a job after you pay a "registration" or "administrative" fee. You're a little desperate for the job or money, and jump into the venture without giving it too much thought. The scammers offer you a (great) job with (great) pay and little hours. Of course, there's no real job involved here. You lose the fee.

    What do you do?
    Don't consider a job that requires paying money first. Or, if the job sounds like it may be legitimate (most aren't) do some research before forking over the cash. Read the labor contract; Google the company... Do everything you can to make sure the company exists. Do take a job like this with great caution.
  2. Money Mule Scams.
    You're offered a job with great pay and few hours. All you have to do is allow money to be wired to your account, and you wire it to somebody else. Sounds great, if it weren't for the criminals involved! The money you're allowing into your bank account is illegal, and you're literally laundering money.

    What do you do?
    Run! This is where the rule "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" applies. When the police get involved, you will be the one busted.
  3. "Too Good To Be True" Scams
    Ever seen this ad? "Earn $1000 a day! Or $50-$200 an hour!" First, don't believe "too good to be true" ads. Second, expect a pitch like this: To get this great job, you first have to buy an "Online Automated Money System" for $49.95. On the next page they ask for your name, address and credit card details...

    What do you do?
    DUH! Ever heard of identity theft?

Now, I don't want to depress you, but these three tidbits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scams aimed at you.

How do you keep from being fooled by all these scams? Check out all the anti-scam stories in the "articles" section of this website!

Cheers, Will.