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Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

By Will from Holland

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Check out this "urban legend"! There's a rumor going around that there is a shipment of bananas out there that is contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria! You can read all about it on the website.

Scam Busters is a site you'll dig if you like to be savvy about new scams chasing your money. One downfall of the site is the enormous amount of ads that really intrude into the articles and alerts…but, hey, how can you argue with an advertisement for inhalable chocolate? (So you really can become a "chocoholic"!)

If you can live with tons of ads like that, you'll learn about interesting scams, timely consumer news updates and occasionally very funny consumer developments. also lists scams by topic. Want to stop spam? Just choose that topic.

Consumer Reports
Another great site is To me, this site is at the top of the list when it comes to helpful websites. Everyone should bookmark this site. Consumer Reports is issued by Consumer Union, a totally independent and very tough not-for-profit organization that tests anything and everything.

Over the years, Consumer Reports has gone after thousands of supposedly "big deal" products and has revealed the truth about them: they weren't any better—and were probably worse—than similar cheaper products.

In my opinion, CR's website is excellent for three reasons:

  • First, there is no advertising (Consumer Reports doesn't even accept advertising in its magazine).
  • Second, you can usually find a review or column on virtually any product. Thinking of a GPS? Read the reviews and comparisons. Want to get a really independent video on Apple's new iCloud system? Read Mike Gikas' excellent column on it.
  • The third reason I rate CR's website highly is their recall section. CR probably runs the most complete list of recalls in the United States. Know anyone who owns a Bell Exodus full-face bike helmet? Send them to this site. CR has lots of detail on the helmet recall.

Consumer Reports is the type of site many people respect and look to for accurate product information. It tells the truth and there's not an ounce of hype on it.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure you get the point: if you're surfing online, why not do some surfing that can do you some good?

Happy surfing!

Cheers, Will.