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Financial Apps for Your Smartphone

By Emily Driscoll

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Think you've maxed out your Smartphone with all of the Facebook, Twitter and Pandora Radio apps? Instead of constantly reading your friend's Tweets or status updates, how about some apps to help you focus on your finances—and at least be able to pay for your phone's data package. Here are five to keep your checkbook in check.

  1. Keep track of your budget, credit card accounts, and even check on your investments. has been a staple for helping people securely monitor their finances online. The free app is now available for iPhone and Android users on the website.
  2. OurGroceries: This grocery list–making app can be shared with other members of your household. You can see what others have added to the list, so no one accidently picks up multiples of one item and you will be less tempted to spend money on impulse purchases. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, and Android users. Free from
  3. BillMinder: This helpful app reminds you to pay your bills! No worries about getting your lights cut off or worse, damaging your credit history any longer. You can track recurring bills, mark bills as unpaid or paid, and it helps you stay within your budget by adding up your total bills for the month. Available for iPhone users. $1.99 from Apple.
  4. aCar: If you have trouble remembering the last time you had your oil changed, the aCar app for Android users is perfect for you. Track fuel mileage, maintenance, keep up with business/non-business trip mileage, and stay on top of your car expenses. Available for Android users. Free from
  5. Save Benjis: This app uses the website FindersCheapers to help users compare over 40 million products' information and prices. This app was voted Good Housekeeping Magazine's "Best Money Saving App" of 2009. Available for iPhone users. $1.99 from Apple.

Whichever app you choose to make keeping up with your finances easier, be at least as smart as your phone. Always purchase your apps from a secure and trusted website, such as the Apple website or BlackBerry App World. Android users need to be more cautious—different companies develop apps for those devices and may not be as secure. Check out the Android Market to see their online software store.

Good luck with your personal finances! More apps to come in the future!

Cheers, Emily