Alec Munro

Hi to all, and a big thank you for visiting the CUHQ website.

I'm Alec Munro and I'm a 21 years old guy from Roskilde in Denmark.

Ever heard of the Vikings? That's us! My mother is Danish. But Ironically, the other side of my family is Scottish. Hence, my last name. The Scotts were the poor guys who got attacked and pillaged a lot by my Viking side of the family. We're all on good footing with one another now though.

At the moment I'm studying agriculture at a college in Denmark. My parents have a big farm near Roskilde, which has been in our family since 1729. One day I hope to take over and run it myself.

But for now I'm happy in University, and happy having the opportunity to travel, to see some of the world and to explore other career opportunities that can brighten my horizon.

CUHQ: If you have been to our site before, you may know I've been on the CUHQ Team for a while now. I started in September 2006. Through mutual friends I got in contact with Will from Holland, the other funny looking European guy on this site.

I've known Will for about 3 years now and we've become close friends. Will needed a hand developing this website and I had a little spare time between my agricultural studies. Therefore I decided to help out and travel the world for a bit. I am learning a bunch of new things myself, so to speak.

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